COOOOOFFFFFFFEEEEEEEE!!!! It's all the rage. Many give it credit for waking them up, keeping them up, keeping them socially behaved, and even making them better parents. What they're really worshiping is caffeine. So is caffeine good or bad? What is the verdict? Well.....

“I'd say I'm a pretty healthy person. I feel good, I work out a few days a week, I eat pretty clean. My lifestyle is busy and I'm always moving. I'm not really one of “those people” that need a lot of help with the fitness portion of my life. I've got it largely under...

While it may seem odd, there seems to be a correlation between IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and low back pain. Coincidence? I think not.

Why do you have low back pain? There could be multiple reasons, but it most likely has to do with some form of trauma in you pelvic...

Are you tired? Who isn't, right? It is normal to push snooze a few times before actually crawling out of bed. It is normal to drag a little upon waking up. It is normal to brush your teeth in front of the mirror looking like a zombie. It is normal to drink coffee at 10...

Macro Counting

What are my MACROS? There's all this talk about them and I don't know what the heck everyone is talking about. Do I count my macros? Are they a weight loss tool? Will monitoring them help me in the gym? I get counting calories, but what does it mean to co...

What's the official stance on calorie counting? Is it a thing, or not? The quick answer is YES. Calorie counting, seemingly archaic, has decades of research indicating it's not only a thing, but THE thing. It is the thing that dictates whether you lose weight or not. C...

Carb what? Now you've got me really confused. First calorie counting, then macros, now carb cycling? Seriously?

Hear me out. What if there was a way to have a “diet” that worked with a hectic life schedule? Is it really possible? YES. If you put together calorie countin...

Have you ever heard of NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)?

No? Well, I'm going to clue you in on this vital information. NEAT could be the reason why you aren’t losing weight and/or getting lean. It's THAT important.

“Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) is...

Exercise is important, everyone knows that. But it's a generally vague suggestion. What qualifies as true, body maintaining exercise? Let's nail down a few things that NEED to happen

regarding exercise.

What is the bare minimum?? Well, that depends on where you are curre...

Resistance training, at some capacity, is a NON-NEGOTIABLE requirement. Your body loves it!

Look better? Check. Feel better? Check. Overall benefits of resistance training are


So, let's just put to bed the idea of “I'm going to get bulky and too big”. IT AINT GU...

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