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Uh oh, I said it. DETOX. This word is misused in the health and nutrition field every day! I typed in detox and 4 pictures popped up in the my website images. All included juices or smoothies. This is NOT A DETOX. So its time to be enlightened. Let me preface this when saying all detoxes are not created equal. Many detox programs do not recognize, or even know, the 3 phases of liver detox. Did you know this? I didn't until I was educated.


1. Healthcare practitioner guiding you every step of the way.

2. If supplemental, nutrients supporting the 3 stages of liver detox.

(If nutrients needed to detox are not in product, are you really detoxing?)

3. Nutritional plan which avoids all potentially inflammatory foods and beverages

(FYI, caffeine disrupts phase 1 and 2 synchronization of liver detox.)


(Restricting calories causes the body to stress and also disrupts specific hormones)

The liver detoxes 75% of toxins in our body. The other 25% is from our gut. In order to truly detox, the liver and the gut need to be in BEAST MODE. Unfortunately, nearly everyone's liver and gut are at sub par efficiency.


Red flags when looking for a REAL DETOX:

1. Calorie Restriction

(NEVER BELOW 1200 calories)

2. NON-specific protocol

(Remember, the liver and the gut COMBINED do 100% detoxification)

3. Supplements that are not 3rd-party tested

(If you can't guarantee what is in it, why bother?)

4. No nutrition plan

5. Questionable Food recommendations

(True DETOXES do NOT ALLOW: Gluten, Dairy, most artificial sweeteners, regular coffees and teas) Click HERE for a basic outline of DETOX-friendly foods.

6. LACK OF PAPERWORK (Health History and Questionnaires are a MUST!)


If you are thinking, "Maybe I should think about a detox?" Click on the DETOX QUESTIONNAIRE. Spend 5 minutes to determine if a DETOX is right for you. Look at your numbers. Is it recommending a detox? How long? Are you really that toxic?

If you want further information, contact:

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