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Removing Obstacles

Today, I'd like to talk about something that's often forgotten when goal setting. This rings especially true for setting health and fitness goals. When goal setting, the first thing a person usually does is list all the things they need to do. 1.) Drink more water 2.) Start a fitness routine 3.) Eat better

Although these are vague, at the very least they start to put this person in the mindset of accomplishing change, and that's a very good thing. However, a common thing people often forget to consider (because it's not particularly fun) is where they fall short. Instead of the simple command: I need to drink more water, they need to ask, “Why am I not already drinking enough water?” It could be many things: maybe they don't drink enough water because they do not have a water bottle large enough to conveniently fit the amount they need for the morning. It's far easier to drink water when you don't have to make numerous trips to accomplish the goal. A 33oz. water bottle with a big mouth to fit ice into to keep their drink cold for the duration of the morning is likely a solution to a problem not previously considered.

Let's use that same equation with regard to goal #2.) Start a fitness routine. Again, vague, but still a good goal. So we ask the question again: “What's stopped me from having a fitness routine already?” The answer could be: “I don't have time to work out in the morning”. The next question: “When do I have time, or when could I make time?” The answer could be anything: “I could get up a little earlier and have my workout clothes set out the night before so that I don't skip the gym or an early morning run.” Or: “I could keep my gym bag in my car so that I can go to the gym on my lunch break or immediately after work.” Then ask yourself again, “What else is has stopped me from having a fitness routine already?” Maybe this person doesn't have a clear plan for what to do when they do finally get to the gym, or isn't confident in their form, or, or, or?

This question can be replicated for really any goal, but it's an important step to avoid failure in the beginning. Once you've successfully identified your obstacles and have come up with solutions to overcome them, you can confidently execute your goals and maintain them lifelong, adjusting as necessary to fit your lifestyle.

Thank you for investing in your health!

Jenna Reddish NT Contributor

Lifestyle Division

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