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We Guide Athletes


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We provide expert instruction to help athletes achieve peak performance while staying injury-free.


The body needs quality fuel to perform at its highest potential.  This fuel is derived from proper nutrition. Meticulous attention to athletic nutrition is a daily, key component of the HIT Program that gives our elite athletes an edge over their competition.  We train our athletes on how to fuel their bodies leading up to an event, how to replenish those same bodies during an event, and finally, how to fuel for recovery after an event.  Furthermore, we give our athletes the tools to ensure optimal nutrition for the rest of their lives.

Any athlete wanting to exceed expectations and sprint ahead of the competition will experience a noticeable difference in strength, speed, and overall cardiovascular endurance thanks to the HIT Program's Strength and Conditioning element.  We achieve these outstanding results through a combination of weight/power lifting and SAQ (Speed, Agility, and Quickness).  In addition to the physical gains, our athletes develop mental fortitude and undergo character reinforcement during this element.

Teams are comprised of individuals, and each individual is unique.  We assess each of our athletes on an individual basis to identify any inefficiencies in his or her muscles. This is accomplished through a series of movement tests which are designed to highlight the areas of the athlete's body that would benefit from improvement.  After this assessment, we implement a comprehensive approach called Positive Progression which will ultimately allow the individual's body to work better as a whole.

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