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Going free: Gluten, Dairy, Fat

Is gluten free really the way to go? What about dairy free? Maybe even fat free?

There are some common misconceptions that somehow the labels “gluten-free,” “dairy-free,” or “fat-free” mean the food product is healthy. That is complete and utter BS!

Here are some examples:

Gluten-free brownies=no gluten, but loaded with sugar and butter. It is gluten free so I get a hall pass on all the added diabetes and heart disease, right?

Dairy-Free smoothie- There isn’t any milk in it, but its loaded with added sugar. It must be healthy though, there is no milk in it (or protein.)

Fat-free- Do I really need to start? Total joke. Licorice labels their product as fat free. Is licorice really healthy? Everyone together…NO licorice is straight up sugar and will make you fat even though it doesn’t contain fat. See that..I made a funny.

The biggest takeaway here is that just because you are eating something gluten- free or dairy-free does not mean you are eating healthy. There are a lot of processed, unhealthy gluten free items out there. Time and time again, people are almost using it as a free pass to eat junk food. “Well it doesn’t contain gluten, so I am good.”

Find a plan which works for you and be vigilant about adhering to that plan. It might be free of gluten, it could be paleo. Find something that works! Do yourself a favor and avoid all the fads and quick fixes. The quick fix isn't quick. It's just a fix, and that fix is doing what is best for you, your body, your health, and your life. It isn’t some fly-by-night diet or fad.

Stick to your guns. Eat some greens. Sweat a little. Do this CONSISTENTLY. You'll be amazed at the result.

Thank you for investing in your health.

Joseph Champa, RD, CSCS

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