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Commitment. In some it invokes a feeling of panic (ahem, men), in others a feeling of security, and in others still, an attitude of “GAME ON!” Commitment is based on something intangible, something deep. A deep conviction. What's the first thing you think of when you think of commitment? For most people, or at least women, the first thought is relationships. Marriage. But what is a committed marriage? What does that involve? Usually, it involves rules. They usually look something like this:

  1. Be faithful

  2. Fight fair

  3. Work through problems

  4. Love unconditionally

  5. Be accountable

  6. Be truthful

People understand that commitments come with rules. It's understood in marriage/relationships, but it's widely applicable. Commitment means, no matter what, I keep the rules. Even if I don't always feel like it or want to. I keep the rules, because this matters so much more to me than my mood right now. This matters so much more to me, than the problem I'm facing. So what then, do you make of commitments to yourself, and what are some rules you need to make, that you NEVER break, no matter what?

  1. I don't eat after 7pm, no matter what

  2. I don't eat refined sugar, except on holidays or legitimate special occasions, no matter what

  3. I don't drink alcohol, no matter what

  4. I don't smoke cigarettes, no matter what

Understanding commitment and using it to your advantage can launch you light years ahead of someone who is looking for excuses to compromise their goals. Make your rules, review them daily, and COMMIT. This decision alone could change your WHOLE LIFE.

Thank you for investing in your health!

Jenna Reddish NT Contributor

Lifestyle Division

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