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Set a Deadline!

When goal setting, we often think about what we're going to start doing. I'm going to start running. I'm going to start losing weight. I'm going to..........and that's awesome. Goal setting is the smartest, most effective way make a positive change, especially if you have it written down and visible to you often. But, for whatever reason, we often fail to set a deadline. Perhaps you don't want to be disappointed in yourself if you don't reach it. Perhaps a set deadline will stress you into self-sabotage. Whatever the case may be, say it out loud with me, “This deadline is important. I'm setting it because I have a really great reason to reach this goal, at this time. This goal is important to me because (fill in the blank).”

You had a great reason to set the goal in the first place. Remember that. When setting a deadline, follow these simple techniques to ensure you can crush it.

  1. Be realistic. You aren't going to lose 20lbs in two weeks. But you could lose it in 3 months or less if you got serious.

  2. Determine what your goal is going to require of you. Check for obstacles (More info on obstacles HERE). Starting a rigorous weight loss goal in the first week of November is going to challenge you through Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you KNOW you'll be eating perfectly around the holidays, then keep it rigorous. If you know you're going to hog out, add some time onto your deadline.

  3. Reaching your deadline is crucial for your self esteem. Your self esteem is your reputation with yourself. Do not let yourself down.

  4. Plan for success. Determine everything you need in place to make sure your goal is attainable. Do you need to make yourself a weekly menu to follow? Do you need to pack your lunch for work? Plan. Plan. Plan.

Once you've followed these practical steps, set your deadline and keep it in the forefront of your mind. You know what you're capable of more than anyone else. You're in charge!

Thank you for investing in your health!

Jenna Reddish NT Contributor

Lifestyle Division

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