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Mind Power

Is the mind really as powerful as people say it is? Can it help you lose weight? Can it help you get to the gym? Does it play a role in success?

The answer to this question is YES. Over the years, I have seen many clients come to me looking to lose weight. Unfortunately, many of these people come in for a few weeks/months and then stop. I will never see them again. They yo-yo up and down. They lose weight (diet and exercise), binge eat, gain weight, REPEAT.

So, what is the cause for this cycle of weight fluctuation. I truly believe it starts with the MIND. Sounds a little off, but it is true. Here's why:

Client A comes in with the idea of losing weight and is going to give it his/her best shot. Isn't really all that prepared, but knows its time to lose weight.

Client B comes in and has already made up his/her mind losing weight WILL happen.

The only difference between these two clients is their mindset. Client A likes the thought of losing weight and Client B has made a conscious decision to lose some pounds.

I see this all the time. There are prepared people and unprepared people. The prepared person will succeed at some point. PERIOD. The unprepared person will typically never succeed. Here's what you should do:

1. Make a Plan (Not a planner, hire a trainer or someone who can do it for you).

2. Find an accountability partner (trainer, friend, mentor)

3. Tell yourself you will achieve the particular goal.

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