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Supplement Quality

The vitamin industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with thousands of companies. How can I determine what is the best? If you are reading this email, it might be because you already understand that supplement quality is important or someone who you trust told you it is important.

Supplement Label Facts: Warning, it's beyond frustrating.

1. Only about half of supplement labels are actually TRUE.

2. Raw ingredients (calcium or vitamin D) are not even remotely accurate.

3. Delivery of nutrients all take different “vehicles”.

The lie: Supplement labels are printed, they have to be true. Not really the case. Unfortunately companies will cut corners and utilize the term “proprietary blend” to fill vitamins with cheap, junky fillers to make more money. There was a study that happened a few years back which solidifies my argument about false labels. A specific vitamin was bought at 4 different locations with 4 different manufacturers and not ONE of the vitamins contained what it said on the label. 0 for 4! This is really not acceptable. People are literally getting cheated and ripped off.

Raw ingredients are different in different companies. Here’s my analogy:

Grass-fed organic beef to food-chain beef. Is there a difference? ABSOLUTELY.

There are specific suppliers of raw ingredients which are of the highest quality, purity, and potency. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many. There are also suppliers who get raw ingredients by the boat load from a foreign country. If the company doesn’t do their own independent testing, there is no guarantee the magnesium in your multivitamin is truly magnesium.

Is your vitamin absorbed? Well how is it formulated? Tablet, capsule, or liquid, no matter the type of vitamin, absorption and delivery can absolutely occur. Biggest advice is to choose a high quality vitamin or supplement from a company that does independent testing on quality, purity, and potency. I carry Nutridyn. I've been to their facility and have seen the testing with my own eyes. So far, they're the only company I can confidently point you, my valuable client, to.

Thank you for investing in your health.

Joseph Champa, RD, CSCS

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