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Are you tired? Who isn't, right? It is normal to push snooze a few times before actually crawling out of bed. It is normal to drag a little upon waking up. It is normal to brush your teeth in front of the mirror looking like a zombie. It is normal to drink coffee at 10 a.m. break time. It is normal to go for lunch and feel the afternoon hit you like a ton of bricks. It is normal to get the second cup of java around 2 or 3 to combat the energy coma. It is normal to come home from work, plop your stuff on the floor, drop on the couch, and just sighhhhhhh. It is normal to plan and prep a good supper in advance because there's just not enough time in the day. It is normal to tell yourself, your kids, and spouse, “I'm just too tired, I need to rest or relax.” It is normal to lay down for bed, tired and exhausted from all the hard work you did all day. It is normal to toss and turn and NEVER get a good night's sleep.

What if EVERYTHING listed above as “normal” is a lie? What if all that could be changed? Sure, life happens and we might get in a funk like what is listed above, but that is a FUNK, not LIFE. There might be some days or even a few weeks out of the year where we feel that way, but we should NOT feel like that on a daily basis!

I repeat, you should NOT feel like that on a daily basis. Do you resonate with all those symptoms of fatigue? Let's ask some more questions and find out what steps you can take to combat this constant exhaustion once and for all.

  1. What's your why? Are you motivated for something in your life? Do you have a goal in planned out? Any goal. Fitness, health, work, family, financial..WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS? Write them down. ON PAPER.

  2. Are you exercising? Pretty obvious. It is proven: exercise=energy. Get on it at least 3x per week.

  3. What are you eating? How many times per week are you eating out? Are you a comfort food person? Do you even know what a fruit or vegetable is? Is your stove a storage space? Take some time right now and change two (2) things in you diet. Two thinks you KNOW you can CHANGE i.e., Eat 1 fruit per day. Make a balanced, healthy supper 2 nights per week.

  4. Have you ever done a REAL detox? Wondering what a real detox is? Click HERE.

1. No juicing/soups

2. Moderate amounts of protein

3. No dramatic calorie deficiency

4. High quality supplements

5. Professionally directed and supported

#4 is my go-to for fatigue. It could be the one thing that's bogging you down. Pure and simple, you are toxic. Get rid of the toxins, and let your body run wide open, full throttle, ALL THE TIME.

Thank you for investing in your health.

Joseph Champa, RD, CSCS

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