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Mini Victories

With the constant temptations flying in your face from every direction, it's not easy to be victorious in the battles of your goals. But it is possible. And here's how.

You are in the midst of the battle and it's time to either stand up and fight or wave the yellow flag and declare defeat. What are you going to do? Is it time to say, “ you know what, I've had enough” or is it time to stand up, draw your sword and push forward?

I don’t know about you, but if I'm battling for my life, family, and health, I'm pushing forward! This is, in reality, what you are doing. You are battling for a better life. More energy. More time with your family. EVERYTHING. “But it is so hard!” You are darn right it's hard! It is so hard that most people quit. They quit ,then they never forgive themselves. And every time they give up, they not only did not accomplish their goal, but the regret keeps piling up, making it harder every time to try again.

So how about this. Why don’t we take a different approach? Maybe it's time to declare victory on a daily basis. Let’s win these mini-battles and build up courage for the major WAR. By winning these mini-battles (daily tasks), courage will come. Confidence will build. The war will be won!

What do these mini-battles look like?

  1. Exercising 5 minutes everyday

  2. Making your bed every morning

  3. Reading 1 book to your children every night

These are simple things that can yield us VICTORIOUS. Start there! Don’t take on the WAR just yet. Let's get some ammo and experience first. We need to be victorious in our battles to build up enough ammo to fight the war AND WIN!!

Think about some battles you KNOW you can come out victorious. I listed some above, but seriously, find some things you know you can do and do well. This will increase confidence for bigger battles. This may be the one instance when I am thinking short-term. Yes, there is a long-term goal, but in order to reach that goal, the daily victories are a must.

Raise your sword and move on!

Thank you for investing in your health!

Joseph Champa RD, CSCS

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