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Do you really know what’s healthy and what's not? How do I make that determination? Well, I generally start here.

The key word is: INFLAMMATION. Eating food that has an inflammatory effect is not going to be good for the ‘ol bod. What does this mean? Have you ever sprained your ankle and it got nice and puffy with some discoloration? That is inflammation, well a type of inflammation. Just think about eating a Skittle. The Skittle isn’t just this cute piece of candy, it is literally a grenade. Once you pop it down the hatch and eat that grenade it dive bombs into the depths of your stomach and explodes. The explosion of that grenade creates a misting of acid which might look like acid reflux or even worse…inflammation!

Constant grenade attacks are going to make your body an inflammatory war zone and wreck havoc on you. What kind of havoc? Well…too many to count! How about gut issues? Constipation? Diarrhea? Arthritis? Obesity? Migraines? Sinus problems? Aches and pains? These all potentially point to the main culprit: inflammation.

So what should you eat?

The best advice is to eat foods that have a HIGH nutritional value and are the LEAST processed.

  1. Produce

  2. Grass-fed/organic meats

  3. Nuts/seeds

  4. Beans/lentil/legumes

BASICALLY foods with 1 or maybe 2 ingredients. RAW foods.

What shouldn’t I eat?

  1. Frozen meals

  2. Fast food

  3. Packaged foods that are loaded with “extras”

  4. Chips

Lets also attach the issue of “gluten-free” and Fresh? Frozen? Canned?

Thank you for investing in your health.

Joseph Champa RD,CSCS

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