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I am supposed to be "the health guy". I workout and eat clean most of the time. I admit I do like caffeine, A LOT. Waking up early everyday while wrestling 3 young boys requires energy. Well, caffeine is energy right? Of course, but after doing this for a while, I noticed the coffee/caffeine wasn't doing the trick. I could not drink enough caffeine to keep my eyelids open. I thought it must be kids, hectic work schedule, exercise, stress, lack of sleep, LIFE in general.

Was it really life that was causing me to be chronically fatigued? Was "the health guy" defeated? I truly refused to believe this. There must be a different solution. The solution has been in front of my face for a few years from a local pharmacist. This pharmacy does amazing things for THOUSANDS of people. Click HERE to see what I am talking about!

I bit the bullet and did my first 10 day metabolic detox. The first two days were a little rough (I didn't slowly decrease caffeine, went cold turkey), but after that....WOW. I felt like I was on crack! No stimulants, caffeine, nothing. I felt at least 20% better. The brain fog was gone. Fatigue was minimal. I am a firm believer EVERYONE should be doing a metabolic detox annually, if not more. Click HERE to watch a great webinar to further understand metabolic detoxification.

Testimonials upon completing a metabolic detox:

"I just did a month-long REAL DETOX and let me tell you, it really does have some amazing benefits. More energy. Better concentration. Awesome nutritional support. Clearer skin (after an initial breakout period). I will definitely be doing this again in the future and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone else!"


"I did the Clear Change Detox that Joe suggested. After I quit smoking, a gained a stubborn 40 lbs although my lifestyle and eating habits didn't change. I was also under a lot of extra stress, planning a wedding in 4 months, buying a house, moving, etc. I just kept gaining. My joints were also sporadically achy. Once things calmed down I tried losing the conventional way-eat less, exercise more. Nada. Nothing. I was just exhausted and still fat. I did find a weight loss solution that worked, but I plateaued and struggled with consistency. I hired Joe. He educated me on many things, but most importantly how legitimate detoxes work. I did the 10 day detox. Not only did it help me bust through my plateau, but energy I didn't know I could still have returned! I felt 18 again. My sleep was hard and sound, and I could actually wake up (without coffee!!!!) I could do my workouts faster, harder and more effectively. I worked more efficiently; my clarity was astounding. My house was spotless!! Lol! I felt like I took the limitless pill. I also discovered my personal no-no foods. I've been off the detox for a few weeks now. I'm still eating healthy, but I can cheat here and there without the scale climbing. I'm still losing without trying as hard. It's fantastic. I got my metabolism, my brain, my emotions, my energy, and my sleep back. My body is within a healthy range for my height and muscle mass and still shrinking. If you're having really any of those symptoms, I suggest you get into contact with Joe and let him educate you on this. This is by far the best health decision I've made, and I made up the cost of the detox in the first 3 days through more efficient work at my job (I'm self-employed). Do it."


"In reference to the detox I went on, please note the following:

1. I had more energy

2. Overall felt better

3. Never was hungry

4. You can eat whatever you want, provided that the foods are in the guidelines, as much as you want so you are never hungry

5. My troubles I typically have with my intestinal issues were a lot less, if at all

6. The product tasted good

7. Slept better

8. My puffiness went away somewhat

9. My vertigo symptoms went away, cannot attribute this to it, but it makes you wonder?

10. Good support system with my rep

11. Ease in ordering product"


If you actually read through this and want to know a little bit more about detox, email me at!

Thank you for investing in your health.

Joseph Champa, RD, CSCS

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