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Why aren’t you getting results?

Theres a very simple explanation. First you need to see a formula:

Commitment + Process = Results. Commitment is decided by YOU. Are you giving everything you have or is it 75% effort? What level of commitment are you at this point? Process is the “How to”. Do you have a nutrition plan? Do you know how to get to the end result? Most, if not all, can answer Yes. There are many books on weight loss or exercise. Let’s use weight loss for example, to lose weight you should eat less and exercise regularly. I do believe nearly EVERYONE knows this.

Ok lets get back to the formula: Commitment + Process = Results. What percentage of each do you think you need to attain results? Commitment_____? Process______? 50/50? 80/20? Think about what I said above, we all know how to lose weight. So what is lacking?? COMMITMENT. You could go as far as saying COMMITMENT yields results. Even if we don’t know the how to, if we are 100% commitment, we will find a way.

So you are telling me I’m not committed? YES!! Maybe you are 75% committed, but the real question is…Are you getting the results you want? If the answer is NO, then your commitment level is lacking. You have all the tools in the toolbox to achieve results minus one little thing……..You are NOT committed to those results. If you were, results would be there.

So think about it? Why aren’t you losing weight? Why is the project at working going slower than you would like? Why aren’t you getting that shredded six pack? Time to take it up a notch and get honest with yourself. Harsh? Maybe, but I’ll guarantee results EVERYTIME if your commitment is there.

Thank you for investing in your health.

Joseph Champa, RD, CSCS

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