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Crap. #2. Fecal Matter. Turd.. Stool. There. Once you can finally stop giggling and likely add a few more pronouns of your own, we can get down to brass tax. Any guesses on the subject matter of the day? Well done. So let's get our poop in a group and talk about it, because it's important. Are you going too much? Maybe not enough? What about it's consistency? Color? These are all indicators of your overall health and can affect you more than you'd expect.

You should go at least once every two days, no matter what. The only circumstance is in the midst of travel (My Recommendation) or extreme dieting for events like a bodybuilding show. Why is it important that you go? Toxicity, that's why. This is your body's system for ridding you of toxins. It's excreting toxins, waste, and everything else your body doesn't need, and if you don't go, well, things can go downhill fast. With enough buildup, one can get extreme, sharp abdominal pain; the kind that can drop a grown man to his knees. If you are going, but have a series of incomplete bowel movements, you may not experience those pains, but everything from your mood to your energy level can be affected. If incomplete bowel movements are a problem for you, I'd recommend the Intestinal Cleanse for immediate, short-term relief or Magnesium Citrate for long-term relief.

While most people don't track on their calendar how often they're going, it is prudent to be mindful of it. If you feel unwell, it's generally the first question one might ask oneself. Various things can cause constipation. Medicine (namely pain killers and antibiotics), hydration, a change in diet, and a change in exercise level can all bring on symptoms. Probiotics are a great way to help keep regular. In a bind, magnesium citrate works well, and again, intestinal cleanse for build up problems.

What if I go too much? Well, that's a problem, too. We can relate that back to general gut health. If you are going too much, it's time to get things solid again. Have a look at your diet and habits, and get some good bugs in your gut with a quality probiotic to begin to heal that up. If your stool ever gets bloody or liquid, it's time to visit a health professional. So the next time you visit the throne for a good ol' squat, be glad that your body is doing it's job.

Thank you for investing in your health.

Joseph Champa, RD, CSCS

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