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Resistance Training

Resistance training, at some capacity, is a NON-NEGOTIABLE requirement. Your body loves it!

Look better? Check. Feel better? Check. Overall benefits of resistance training are


So, let's just put to bed the idea of “I'm going to get bulky and too big”. IT AINT GUNNA

HAPPEN. Hundreds of thousands of women have put in countless hours of gym time along with proper nutrition and don’t get big and bulky. It is a near impossibility for this to happen. If you magically get huge over the next two months, someone would notice and say, “Easy tiger, slow down, your muscles are just too much.” Not to mention that you'd notice, too. Again, not happening, so I digress.

What most people do see is a sudden movement in the scale once resistance training starts. This is not muscle gain or weight gain. It is most likely cell-swelling or hyperemia. This

happens, commonly in females, once resistance training starts. Your cells have been

dormant for a while and a few sessions with weights swells those cells, usually hydrating

the cell, and in turn, keeping the scale the same or even adding a pound or two. Don’t

worry, it’s temporary. Hyperemia does go away after you are acclimated to lifting weights

on a regular basis. This could take up to 6 months. 6 months?! Okay, that’s what the

research says, but typically it lasts only about 4 weeks. Usually this 4 week period is even

less if the person is EATING PROPERLY. Start resistance training, tighten up your

nutrition and voila! the scale problem is no longer a problem. You're not making insane gains in four weeks. Your cells are swollen. It'll pass.

Why else should I resistance train? It’s scary in the gym. There are all those burly guys

grunting away with bad body odor and I just don’t like it. I get it. Find some

dumbbells or machines where the meatheads aren’t around and go from there. Better yet,

find a trainer who knows what they are doing and get a personalized workout that gets

you results and avoids the testosterone- jacked gym rats.

But why do I need to do it? Well, do you like eating junk food and cheating sometimes?

YESSSS!! More muscle on board = less strict diet. You are more likely to maintain and

keep that physique if you have more muscle. It’s truly science. More lean muscle mass =

more calorie burning at rest. That’s 24/7 365 of increased thermogenesis (Fat burning

super furnace). So, you can afford to eat a brownie at a birthday party instead of eating

like a bird at the relish tray. You shouldn’t be deciding how many carrots you can eat at a

party. You should be enjoying the party. Know that you worked your butt off, you look

good, and you are going to eat a chocolate brownie laced with sugared goodness, and


Thank you for investing in your health.

Joseph Champa, RD, CSCS


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